Design Plan/ Purpose Statement

Dominique Mosby 2/13/14 Design Plan Purpose: The purpose of this is to show why St. Jude’s arranges their website the way they do. They set it up to show how the sick children are getting help. Audience: The designers of the website is an obvious audience because they made it. The audience is aimed at everyone around the world with children or involved with children. It shows sick children and the way they can get help. Context: Getting help for the sick children which means getting people to donate and support the cause. Strategies: using pictures and text to lure and persuade people to help. The pictures that are showing the sick children to create emotional appeal. Medium: Using the links and media to get the message across. Arrangement: The links on the page shows wear everything is for new users or current users. The links have different colors. Visual vs. Kinesthetic in Basketball Dominique Mosby College Writing 2 March 25, 2014 Purpose: I want to raise the question which is more effective between visual and kinesthetic. How is visual and kinesthetic different in basketball. Is visual effective when it comes to basketball? Is kinesthetic more appropriate to use while playing basketball. Because of my purpose I am going to use photographs to try to show the difference. Looking at the pictures should give a person a feel of what the topic is about. I am showing different photos on basketball watching vs participating/ visual vs. kinesthetic. Hopefully the matches the photographs taken for this essay. Medium and production: I am using photos for this essay and need to focus on basketball. I need to show the visual of in game basketball versus watching basketball. I need to focus on shooting, dribbling, and defensive stance. Strategies: Ethos: N/A Pathos: N/A Logos: My essay is based on comparison. I am going to put a photo of playing basketball next to watching basketball. I am also going to put captions as questions so show the argument. I have different sets of photos comparing different basketball shots and movements. Arrangement: Writing about logos made me see I was doing my argument based on comparison. A title page and multiple slides which have two pictures for comparison. Finding and researching a topic can be difficult. There are many to choose from. One may ask questions such as what argument should I make? Especially when the topic cannot be narrowed down. I have chosen social networking as my research topic. I will be researching the effects of social networking. There will have to be strategies used to research and explain what was learned by researching. What issue would others be interested in? How do I conduct my research? What is my position on the topic? What do I hope to learn from this topic? After a long critical thinking process, I came up with a topic. My topic is social networking, does it have a negative effect on society. I think it has a negative effect because of all the problems stemming from social networking. There have been many incidents cause by social networking. Social networking is one of the causes for violence in society. In addition I think others would agree with me but some would disagree. Some people would say that I am right on the money with the issue. Others may say that social networking is not that big of a deal. They should do research on how many deaths and violence incidents happen because of social networking. I have done research in previous projects for other courses which show the effects of social networking. Knowing about a topic also can help when going into researching it more. I know the normal amount of things about social networking. I know various sites and how to log on and off. Some people are technology slow so they have trouble accessing these sites. I also know how to post things and I just learned how to work my blog. Doing a research project is just not knowing what the topic is, actual research is required. I plan to do a lot of research on this topic, starting with internet databases. There are many sources on the school’s database that I have not yet used. I plan to go to the library and get many books relating to this title. Taking out the main points and facts in those books may help me put everything in order. When you do a research project you also have to get things out of it. I want to learn more about the effects of social networking. I want to know does social networking effect people in the workplace. In addition I want to know the death toll for a year caused by social networking. I want to know which states have the most problems with social networking. With this being said there are a couple other things that are considered with this project. My current position with this topic is that I think social networking does have a negative effect on society. I reached this position just by all my experiences with social networking. My position reflects my experiences with social networking. My position does reflect what I have heard from my friends and family. Some of them have had bad experiences with the social networking. In conclusion this outline would be the base of my project. I would try to base my paper off of this plan and the sheet that was given in class. I did not mention some of the things that was on the sheet but they will be mentioned in the finished paper.

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