I chose different projects for every project in college writing 2. The first topic had to do with St. Jude's Research Hospital. I did a rhetorical analysis on the site. I used visuals and showed the if the site used ethos, logos and pathos. I chose this topic because I have had sick siblings in my family and I was interested it in the hospital. The goals i had for this topic was to find important facts about the site and how they help the children. The most interested fact I found out was that the number of saved children went up. I did not collect that much information about the site I just scanned through the site. There was not the a hard part in this project to write. I found this project very easy to complete. Peer reviews helped me put in transition words and stopped me from repeating myself. I learned different ways to word things in a paper. For the photo essay I chose i different project because I could not figure out what pictures to take pertaining to St. Jude's. I chose to do something with basketball,I did kinsthetic vs. visual in basketball. I tried to convince the audience is watching better than actually playing? I felt that I met my goal for the project. For this project i did not need much information, i just Asked people that play basketball. I actually used my own personal experience. There was not anything to write about in this project therefore there were not any challenging writing parts. I decided to put the pictures in order to the basic things in basketball. Dribbling, passing, and shooting were the focuses of this project. In my revision i did not have a draft done so my classmates showed me how to put my project together. They were the reason i finished my project on time. The research project paper i changed the topic again due to lack of information. I did my research project on social networks. My goals for this project was to show the negative effects of social networks. The fact that was most interesting was that cyber stalkers are usually over the age of 16. This topic did help me gain a better understanding because i have never really looked deep into social network effects. I collect a lot of information and it was hard to find accurate information. I learned that good sources are hard to find in this day in age. The hardest part of this paper was the introduction and the fun part were the body paragraphs. My peers helped me during the revision by telling me to elaborate more on the main points I chose.

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